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WE ARE NOW REVIVING TWO GROUPS, CHECK BELOW FOR DETAILS!Welcome to IWOC . Recent news: ADOPT AN IWOC scheme is now up and running, see the main page for details. Khamsin is now the new official IWOC smart arse due to his spell checking and code snatching smiley - tongueout

Ever noticed some researchers who sit in corners talking about the good old days; when their societies were popular, when Askh2g2 actually had questions on it, when the server mice hadn't been replaced by badgers. This is a society for all those researchers to join together and remeniss, and to try and make a society that will last for a long time rather than falling by the wayside like so many others. This is

I was once cool.

As previous mentioned IWOC is for researchers who have found that the number of postings they get each time they log on is decreasing. Come, sit, talk. Plug your old entries. Make concerted efforts to get old socieites going again. Talk about the good old days. Hey, even go on crazy role play adventures to try and find things here if you want! Just relax and enjoy yourselves.

NEW TO IWOC: Adopt an IWOC scheme

IWOC IS NOT JUST FOR OLD RESEARCHERS! Are you a reasonably new researcher? Do you know where everyone is talking? Can you show someone the sites and sounds of h2g2 these days? Then why not adopt an IWOC? Show them around the new areas of the site and make them feel at home again! All adoptees and people who want to adopt please post in the Adopt an IWOC thread below.

Current society revival

We have two possibilities;

My suggestion is that, if we know anything about the subject we post there to try and get people coming back. If you don't have a clue then just put a link to it on your personal space, or in your username! Maybe even going there and asking for help/a question about somthing would work! Lets get going!


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Infinite Improbability Drive

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