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Welcome to the h2g2 Formula One Supporters' Club!

The h2g2 Formula One Supporters' ClubThis is the place where every F1 fan will always be welcome, no matter who your favourite driver is or what team you support! So sit down, grab your favourite tipple, and cheer on your favourite fella in a helmet and fireproof undies...

To join the supporters' club, just fill in the box below, stating your name, U-number, and the team/driver you support. You will be added to the list as soon as I get round to it!

Enter your Name, U-number, and Favourite team/driver here!

MembersAdvocatus Diaboli (Raikkonen, Coulthard, Hamilton / Ferrari)Dr E Vibenstein (Kubica, Coulthard)Ferrettbadger (Hamilton, Sato / Super Aguri)fords (Hamilton, Kubica / McLaren)Paff (Button, Davidson / Williams)Random Mood (Anyone British! / McLaren, Williams)Reefgirl (Hamilton, Massa, Kubica / BMW Sauber, Renault)T.B. Falsename (Alonso, Trulli, Fisichella / Renault, Honda)ultrapete (McLaren)vmuppana (Ferrari, Force India)Cyzaki (Anyone other than McLaren)E G Mel (Ferrari, Michael Schumacher, Button)Vicki Virago (Ferrari, Barrichello)emlar (McLaren, Coulthard, Raikkonen)Brendan (Jaguar, Webber)Spike (Williams, Montoya)Demon Drawer (Jordan, Webber)Lifson Kofie (Minardi, Raikkonen/Montoya)Deano (Ferrari, Michael Schumacher)Dark Master (Ferrari, Michael Schumacher)Egon (Williams, Montoya (current) Patrese (all time))Lil Old Me (Montoya)Kiltedjedi (McLaren, Coulthard)JohnUK (BAR, Button)wimblin (Alain Prost)Juno (Ralf Schumacher)Gin Tonyx (Williams, Montoya)Twurlit_chuckle (Montoya, BAR)me[Andy]g (Jenson Button, BAR)Flybynight (Jenson Button, BAR)The Rev Jack Russell (Ferrari)MisterTea (Takuma Sato, BAR)Speller (Button, BAR, Jordan)Ginger The Feisty (Any but Ferrari) Deep-Thought-42 (Michael Schumacher, Ferrari)Empeda (Anyone other than Ferrari post 1988)bizarrephliphlop (Coulthard, Red Bull)adder (Sato, BAR)Percy "Thrills" Thrillington (Coulthard)Merlin (Coulthard, Williams)Sally-Ann (Raikkonen, McLaren)miraculousrandomness (Montoya)

Once you're joined up, please put our very cool badge on your personal space to advertise the club (you don't have to, of course, but it is a very cool badge). The GuideML to use for this is:

<LINK H2G2="A1918244"><PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B5180421" ALT="The h2g2 Formula One Supporters' Club"/></LINK>

So all you have to do is copy and paste that into your personal space and you end up with this:

The h2g2 Formula One Supporters' Club

If you have any rumours or gossip, post them in the 'News and Gossip' thread below. If you have any news1, post it in a new thread below, giving it a headline-style title.

If there is anything you want to see here that isn't here already, or if you have any ideas for the club, post below!

The Stats Bit

2010 Calendar
Mar 14BahrainFernando Alonso
Mar 28AustraliaJenson Button
Apr 4MalaysiaSebastian Vettel
Apr 18ChinaJenson Button
May 9SpainMark Webber
May 16MonacoMark Webber
May 30TurkeyLewis Hamilton
Jun 13Canada
Jun 27Europe (Valencia)
Jul 11Great Britain
Jul 25Germany
Aug 1Hungary
Aug 29Belgium
Sep 12Italy
Sep 26Singapore
Oct 10Japan
Oct 24South Korea
Nov 7Brazil
Nov 14Abu Dhabi

2010 Driver Line-up
McLarenJenson ButtonLewis Hamilton
MercedesMichael SchumacherNico Rosberg
Red BullSebastian VettelMark Webber
FerrariFelipe MassaFernando Alonso
WilliamsRubens BarrichelloNico Hulkenberg
RenaultRobert KubicaVitaly Petrov
Force IndiaAdrian SutilViantonio Liuzzi
Toro RossoSebastien BuemiJaime Alguersuari
LotusJarno TrulliHeikki Kovaleinen
HispaniaKarun ChandhokBruno Senna
SauberPedro de la RosaKamui Kobayashi
VirginTimo GlockLucas di Grassi


1News that is actual fact, eg race reports or drivers moving teams etc.

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