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The Back to Basics Issue

I thought we were supposed to the weird ones?

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is based on ideas and characters from The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

Often, new researchers are inspired to contribute entries based on these ideas or to give themselves nicknames based upon his characters.

This sincerest form of flattery is simply their way of expressing admiration for his achievements. Not surprisingly, those who have felt the greatest impact on their dna by DNA will also be the ones who feel the greatest need to try their hand at it, if only to discover for themselves just how difficult it is to imitate the work of a genius.

Less imaginative souls may never feel this compulsion and those who have been here long enough to become familiar with the phenomenon sometimes forget just how infectious his writing style can be. As a result many initial entries by newbies are ignored as 'predictable' or 'merely derivative'.

We of the CAC-Continuum consider this unfair. To everyone here. Not just unjust, but a counter-productive waste of precious energies since these new fans and true believers have obviously poured their heart and soul into their tributes.

So we are gathered here today to amend that.

And to poke a stick into the eye of those whose familiarity may have become contemptuous. Is it possible that you, too, were once enthusiastic and once dreamed of being able to create something half as great?

Without further ado then, please enjoy these back to basics entries from two imaginative young minds.

A3443870 by U1215328

A3346256 by U802129

The Sun beaming its rays down upon foliage.

This week's CAC Continuum was researched and assembled by ~jwf~

as part of the Committee for Alien Content's Continuing search for diversion and entertainment

in a world gone mad with reality television and televised reality.

Speak for yourself!

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