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I'm so tired, I haven't slept a wink

I'm so tired, my mind is on the blink

Yes, a look out of the window revealing several inches of fresh snow just makes me want to go and hibernate. It's supposed to be spring for goodness' sake! I wonder if my flight to the h2g2 London Spring Meet in two weeks will be delayed by snowstorms.

I'm even too tired to do any subbing. I don't recall whether I mentioned it, but I've recently rejoined the Sub-editors, to help reducing the amount of entries that are currently in the queue on the Coming-Up page. I'm not sure if it's only me, but since I started again, I had the impression that there are a lot of entries being picked which are by no means 'finished'. I know it is a bone of contention, mainly among the Scouts themselves, in how far they should comment on spelling, grammar and Guide ML when the content is so much more important; but I've seen far too many 'The sub can sort it out' remarks recently to be happy with that.

Pointing out spelling and grammar mistakes as well as wrong1 Guide ML will help your poor sub-ed, especially if the entry is picked and the author has Elvised in the meantime, or isn't available for any other reason. I think an entry with hardly any comments at all should be read very thoroughly by the Scout in question before being recommended, especially if not a single Scout has commented on the entry2!! A simple post by the Scout, asking if there's anything more to be done to the entry would certainly not go amiss. So yes, I am moaning, but then I'm currently overtired and miserable, and there's an Entry waiting for me to be subbed, and I can't give it the amount of attention that it needs and deserves.

Speaking of Scouts: two new Scouts have recently joined the ranks: let's welcome Opti and Nigel. Most of you will know Opti, who has lots of experience with writing entries and the PR process as a whole; and Nigel is still learning the ropes, as he's completely new to all this.

What else is going on on hootoo? benjamin's   'Experiment' is taking off nicely, and the Entry of the Month system will be simplified in order to make more people vote (hopefully). Our new Content Editor Matt has been very busy and is currently 'press-ganging' Researchers all over hootoo 3, which means that our new Features Editor Mina
will hopefully be buried in even more fascinating submissions soon. Take a look at the Editorial and the current submissions, and you'll see that there are lots of exciting things going on, not just the two I mentioned above!

In case you are interested in any of the competitions or other schemes, please, don't hesitate to let us know! The deadline for submissions for our next instalment is on Sunday, 20.04.08 at midnight BST.
The next Post will be published on Thursday, 24.04.08, which is just two days before the London meet. If you've always wanted to meet our splendid team, then chances are good to do so on Saturday, 26.04.08 if you can find your way to London. Three of us (lil, Titania and me) will definitely be there, with Skankyrich hoping to come, but Mina not taking part after all4. How will you know us? That's easy, you'll find photos of us three 'definites' in az' h2g2 Friends Photo Gallery, plus we'll probably wear a name badge. See you in London!

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1Mind, I'm talking of unapproved Guide ML here, not the lack of Guide ML.2Makes me wonder who picked it, to be honest.3As 'Content Editor' is still more of a working title and Matt isn't really happy with it (the title, that is), I think something like 'Press-Ganger' (after a 'tongue-in-cheek' suggestion from Skankyrich) would be funny.4I haven't heard about Matt and Shazz, but maybe this is the incentive for them to come too.

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