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Two Tales Too Hot To Handle

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Stop the presses! It's the Post's fifth birthday! Five years... five years of showcasing the incredible talent of this site. Can you imagine it? Dealing with 260 deadlines, innumerable writers that just won't deliver until the last minute. Talk about an ulcer! Nevertheless, Shazz and company have not only stood up to the pressure, but have continued to deliver nothing short of excellence. Happy birthday!

Back to our regularly scheduled rambling.

Sometimes we at the Underguide find entries of amazing quality that for various reasons just cannot be displayed on the front page. Entries that exemplify quality, unique perspectives and sometimes breakaway ingenuity. Tales of such power they take our breath away.

Thanks to the auspices of the CAC-Continuum, I bring you two more such stories.

Today's Selection:

First of today's selections is a professional look at a very lucrative occupation. Dancing. Tables. What could go wrong? Well, with this entry... nothing. In fact it's so good it's been in our most prestigious digital magazine once before and will be as good of a read today as it was over two years ago. Without any further delay, Lillithcookie and her excellent
Dancing On Tables.

Next is an entry that has made it into the Underguide but, because of its highly personal nature and its controversial topic, cannot be featured on the front page. That sucks. Really sucks. This is probably the most powerful entry I've had the privilege of reading on this site. Reading this entry caused me to read more of Pantherlady's pieces, leading me to my first friend on this site. It was with the intent of featuring this piece that I pried my way into the Underguide as a miner. This entry is directly responsible for me learning as much as I can about this site and then staying around long enough to become addicted to this corner of cyberspace. I can't say enough about Pantherlady's powerful tale My Termination, so I'll just stop and let you read it.

This week's collation was discovered in a hidden vein by the good people at the Underguide and pasted together by Sneaky.
Just goes to show what you can find lurking in odd corners.

Who would want to eat fungus?

The boilerplate:

This is for those that dare to push the boundaries.
For those that refuse to accept the status quo.
This is for Lillithcookie whose talent was cut far too short and will be dearly missed by many.
For Pantherlady, with thanks for being such a wonderful person.

We couldn't do it without you.
The Committee for Alien Content(ment) salutes you!smiley - smiley - smiley -

This (whatever it is) has been inspected and rejected by smiley - smiley - (tonsil revenge)!

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