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Bye bye baby, baby good-bye

(Bye baby, baby bye bye)

Bye bye baby, baby good-bye

(Bye baby, baby bye bye)

Yes, it's sad but true: our h2g2 Post editor EMR is stepping down from her position as our editor as of today. Due to forthcoming changes in RL like preparing to go to uni later this year, have got in the way of her contributions here. It is due to her devotion that the Post is what it is now, so here's a big Thank You! from me. Best of luck with your future undertakings!

In case you're now wondering what will become of the Post: well, The show must go on, and Skankyrich will take over. He has a bag full of new ideas for the Post (well, he had the ideas before, so EMR leaving and him taking on is just a coincidence), so watch this space.

What else is new on hootoo?

First, there's benjamin's idea about making good use of the IID and the plethora of Guide Entries the site has to offer. Now here's the idea as I understood it: Any interested contributor makes use of the IID and reads five entries, based on which they will then write something for the post. The original thread is here: Post idea.

So far, this is just an idea, and suggestions would be very welcome. Maybe five entries is too large an amount? How about this: somebody (benjamin?) makes use of the IID and lists the entries it brings him to, giving a brief summary of each (this would be published in the Post). Interested contributors would then read the entries and choose one on which to base their article, posting which entry they chose at the bottom of ben's article. Then everybody would see which entries are taken, and which ones are left (although personally, I don't think it would harm to have two submissions, based on the same subject, by different people, but that could easily defy the idea of having five entries in the first place).

Any takers? Please, give us your feedback - either here, or in the 'Post idea' (see link above) thread itself. Let's not have another wonderful idea die due to lack of feedback1! This is *your* chance to contribute something, it doesn't even have to be every two weeks if you can't find the time; but if the idea took on, it would be a marvellous addition to your and my (ie to our!) h2g2 Post; something to make it an experience for more and more readers (hopefully).

You could even go so far as to post your criticism about the guide entries you read to the 'May I conduct an experiment?' thread - but let's not ask too much for now. The latter would only be a side-effect, what I'm really interested in, is to get the 'entry story' going. Oh, and I guess we'd need a fetching title, too. Once again, suggestions welcome!

So, in case you've been following the Giving up the internet for a while - anyone fancy joining me? discussion in Ask h2g2: don't join! It would be a very bad idea indeed - for the Guide in general, and for the Post (amongst others) in specific. Let's work on keeping/making hootoo the site that draws you in, with its well-known 'addictive' factor!

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