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driftin67...drifter thru time and space, lover of life, seeker of wisdom, and friend and supporter of the honest and just...

Ever see the inside of a mechanical watch? The mess of gears, cogs, spinny turnny things and the like are kept running smoothly buy the laws of mathematics and geometry and a few others i cant think'a.

LAW.....integral so benieth the clockwork of life - keeping cogs of society sane, ka-ticking in tune with the watchmakers will - might chaos never rise'n take rien.....

So now that i have posted my poem , it belongs to the BBC to limit my use of....as they see fit.

But does it really ? .....because each person here that sees it has now become part of it,

thats right ...YOU NOW OWN IT !!!

YOU and YOU and YOU to infinitum...

to do with it as you wish...you can forget it or remember it, read over it and figure it out, post it on the fridge, use it as dog paper...whatever you want....

It's all wrong!

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smiley - cakeRemember that the Guide was out of date when Ford explaind it to Aurthur? Maybe the explanation is the updated version.

i'm stupid

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The Artist Formerly Known as Nerd42

smiley - sorry i'm stupid.

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reply to its all wrong......

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