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The Head Line is presumptive, but I am afraid to say that it appears to be correct. There is great point made about lawyers, aren't they the ones completely running our former great country, and constantly making stupid new laws of more benefit to themselves than the population.

A few years ago the strength and powers of our police and school teachers were eroded by do-gooders, and some of our representatives in Parliament. Our police have got their powers back with interest and many civil liberties have been eroded in lieu, but the teachers seem to have lost even more of their authority.

The point about compensation claims being fashionable is also a valid issue. because until lawyers gave themselves the rights to advertise, claims were low. Now there are posters in Accident and Emergency wards asking "Have You Had An Accident In The Last Three Years." That is good safe bet isn't it.

Many years ago when people did not appear to be so stupid, or should the word really be greedy. A Judge would make a decision on such matters, and he would quite often say, " You are quite right, and I will find in your favour, I award you the nominal sum of one shilling." The end product, no more frivolous, no charge cases for that solicitor.

At this point we may think, " Now that seems to be the answer to the problem, we should inform our members of parliament." But guess what, they already know it quite well all ready.

Following the same line of thought, we all saw for ourselves on T.V. recently, a very large group of our police using their quite new Civil Order powers from behind a steel barrier. Innocent protestors were struck on the face and heads by batons over the top of the officers in front. The damage was horrendous, and quite unnecessary, those protesters at the front were being used as a weapon by those at the back pushing them at the police lines.

The tactics used by this mob have been in use for a great many years, the correct method of dealing with this situation and taking prisoners at the same time appears to have been forgotten. One girl was struck in the mouth by a cowardly officer who should not only be ashamed of himself, he should be sued and sacked.

New steel batons of only one inch in diameter are now being issued to our police, they will smash bone and fracture skulls, are we now awaiting the first death from these lethal weapons. The law of Reasonable Force in the use of weapons by of our police must still apply, but why is our police force no longer being taught the long established British Police methods so well established from experience and our culture.

Cheers H. smiley - tea

The Subject . re; Stupid People.

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I agree totaly, but the 'stupidity' is that one day, one of these people in power could unleash in some form, the destruction mankind.

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