A Conversation for Why the Number of Stupid People on Earth is Increasing (UG)

Common Sense: not as common as one thinks

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Maybe its just the company I keep, but I've found that some of the most intelligent people, and by this I mean educated, are lacking in common sense. Being able to do quantum pyshics dosn't get you far when the car won't start, and I've yet to find a professer who actually has REAL world expeirience in the subjects the lecture on {those who can't do teach}. This in NO WAY implies that teachers are stupid mind you, just that overblown self importance can lead to lapses in good judgement. In a day when you need a collage degree in order to work a cash register, the person who can use common sense is likely to fare better in terms of inovation, as this require "thinking outside the box", something frowned upon by the self appointed intellectuals among us.

Common Sense: not as common as one thinks

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collage degree? Anything like a Doctorate in tapestry? Talking of stoopid.......hoo tort you to spel?

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Common Sense: not as common as one thinks

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