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Date Subject
07.10.04 Space Pollution
14.10.04 A Spring Called: Drop of Water
21.10.04 Bend It Like Beckham
28.10.04 The future of the Human Species - Part 1: Are we in danger?
04.11.04 The future of the Human Species - Part 2: Where next?
18.11.04 The future of the Human Species - Part 3: How do we engineer an Earth-like environment?
25.11.04 The future of the Human Species - Part 4: Will we create our future?
02.12.04 Time travel: sci-fi?
09.12.04 What is Stats?
16.12.04 I saw a(n) UFO!
06.01.05 How strange! The sky is blue!
13.01.05 Harry Potter and the Moons of Jupiter
20.01.05 Love is in the air-Science too!
03.02.05 Time travel: sci-fi?
10.02.05 Programmed Life
17.02.05 The Why Behind '1+1=2'
10.03.05 Cell Phones are the Devil's Work
17.03.05 Mosquitoes like my blood
24.03.05 DNAology!
21.04.05 Synaesthesia
28.04.05 A Cluster of Atoms
05.05.05 A Small Maths Challenge
26.05.05 The Maths Challenge Solution
21.07.05 A Small Maths Challenge
04.08.05 The 'Beauty' of Numbers Theories
01.09.05 The Science of Popcorns
29.09.05 Reflections
13.10.05 Bad Dust, Bad!
27.10.05 Déjà Vu - A Mental Phenomenon
10.11.05 Immortality: My Ultimate Aim
08.12.05 Think About Coloured Bubbles
23.03.06 Phlogiston Theory, Negative Weight And Others
06.04.06 Science Can Help You With Passwords
07.12.06 The WOW List
21.12.06 Science's Advice: Take a Nap
11.01.07 Artificial Meat
25.01.07 Stolen Memories

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