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Post 41

Post Team

Aha... it looks like the Post competition entrants are having a little pre-comp smurfing party... ~grinny grin~



Post 42

Demon Drawer

Just smurfing about the post.


Post 43


This is the first time I've been in contention ... going for gold

Olympic Pimms > Man Eating Smurf smiley - yikessmiley - laugh


Post 44

Loup Dargent

smiley - rofl

On my way to try another alias....smiley - run


Post 45

Loup Dargent

Hmmmm... A bit messianic perhaps...smiley - disco

"Captain Silver"[don't ask...smiley - whistle] got me: "Son of Smurf" smiley - bubbly


Post 46

Ancha Theri (Jedi Master)

Ancha Theri - Odoriferous Smurf
(had to look this up in the dict - thought it meant smelly - actually means diffusing a scent esp an agreeable one, fragrant.
So not as bad as I first thought.)

Jedi Master - Trusty Smurf (of course)

RL name - Bambi Smurf (oh deer!!) smiley - rofl


Post 47

Pond_Rat [life is weird - laugh at it.]

Okay I couldn't resist trying my RL name = Litigious Smurf. hmmm, I didn't know Smurfs had lawyers.

Tried a lovers name and she is Stalker Smurf, now that's ironic cause she made the 1st move on me... smiley - huh


Post 48

Loup Dargent

Not too bad names then, _this_ time...smiley - puff

But smiley - erm "Stalker Smurf"?!...smiley - yikessmiley - rofl

smiley - surfer

loupsmiley - fullmoon


Post 49

Loup Dargent

smiley - wowsmiley - discosmiley - bubbly

We're doing rather well in the h2g2 smurf-lore:

A2941968 What's In A [Smurf] Name? - 47%
A67844 SMURF - 37%
A2766855 smurf - 35%
A71551 Smurf/ Cwrt Mawr - 35%
A2898219 'The Smurfs' - The TV Series - 31%

smiley - cracker

smiley - winkeye

loupsmiley - fullmoon


Post 50

Loup Dargent

I submitted my kids' names and got for:

Daughter # 1 ==> Insatiable Smurf

Daughter # 2 ==> Slappy Smurf

Daughter # 3 ==> Fundamentalist Smurf

Son smiley - space ==> Moo Goo Gai Smurf

smiley - biggrin

loupsmiley - fullmoon


Post 51

Loup Dargent

smiley - huh

What on smiley - earth is that Smurf name?! Or, more specifically, what does it mean?!..smiley - wah

I submitted our new h2g2 Post Assistant Deputy Editor's name [Titania] and got:

Ibn al' Smurf...

loupsmiley - fullmoon


Post 52

CaffienatedMonkey- (formally SupremeEarthworm) Dreaming of Sleep

"Ibn al' Smurf"

Always room for a Muslim Smurf... smiley - winkeye


Post 53

Loup Dargent

smiley - oksmiley - cheers

I don't know why I was looking for a secret meaning in this one...smiley - rofl

loup - Son of Smurf - smiley - fullmoon


Post 54


I'm Hannibal Smurf. And I'm hungry.


Post 55

Loup Dargent

smiley - yikessmiley - spacesmiley - run

smiley - somersault

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