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The Grounds for a Coffee Issue

mmmmmm, roasting coffee beans...

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This week's CAC-C is the result of a question asked in the Alternative Writing Workshop by a researcher who wondered
if their take on Coffee was unique or not. I wondered too and went looking. There are far too many Coffee entries on h2g2 for me to read and come to any conclusion on that but among those read were some beautifully percolated brews. Three of which are on this week's menu.

tea? pbh!

Coffee House Menu:

The first mug of café au lait comes from A2929412 courtesy of U163083. I for one, am very glad that this particular expat was sat at their desk long enough to write this.

You got any old money?

This one is much stronger and blacker a brew. Too much for a mug - this ought to come in one of those little Turkish
coffee cups. U162284 presents the findings from their research on A2929368.

I gotta coupla bob an' a florin.

And this one is perhaps what you get when you've had too much coffee smiley - : A2929359 by U14374.

Well shove it in that machine and keep your esperars crossed.

This week's beans for the CAC Continuum Vending Machine were selected after a ramble through the Alternative Writing Workshop by Waz, while prospecting for the UG with the aid of the (often erratic these days smiley - ) h2g2 search engine.

The boilerplate:

And now the first round at the vending machine is on me - for all those who make all this possible. Principally the h2g2 researchers who write these entries here for our entertainment and whose work so often goes unacknowledged. The Committee for Alien Content(ment) says have an espresso, have a cappuccino, hey, have both with a slice of cheesecake thrown in!smiley - smiley - smiley -

This sack of Brazilian Roast inspected and packaged by (tonsil revenge)!

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