Talking Point: Your Success Stories

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We all have some event in our lives that makes us feel proud - one that gives us a flush of self-congratulatory glee whenever we think of it. This week's Talking Point asks you to share those important moments with the rest of the h2g2 community.

Now although we're absolutely positive that passing your degree/seeing your first child being born/getting married are the greatest achievements to some people, they're not the unusual or individual stories that we're really looking for. We're especially interested in finding about things like:

  • Any world records you may have held/attempted

  • Important speeches you had to deliver

  • Awards you've won

  • Personal challenges you've set yourself and succeeded in

  • Times you've ended up in the local newspaper/on local TV

  • Occasions when you've saved somebody's life, or averted some kind of disaster

Take this opportunity to be big-headed and share your success stories with the h2g2 community!

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