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This is rather embarrassing these days..

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I won the 'Gazette Princess' when I was nine years old. I'd entered it a couple of years running - you know the thing, the local paper takes photos of little girls and the readers vote for the prettiest (wouldn't be allowed now!). I was devastated one year that I hadn't won, and still remember going into my brothers' bedroom to tell them, only for them to laugh and take the smiley - bleep. smiley - wah

The next year I was entered again, and rumour has it that a local school teacher (she lived next to my Grandmother at the time) went a bit mad on the voting on my behalf. I won! smiley - diva I got a sash, and a nice frock from Bon Marche, and a silver plated eggcup (smiley - huh) and my winnings of a fiver smiley - 2cents. I still have the frock, and the eggcup, but the sash went back after a year. I bought my first Sindy doll with the fiver. smiley - biggrin

I had a day in the carnival, riding in a vintage car, and waving at all the lovely people who had turned out just to see me. Then had a great day at the fair after. There was a 'proper' Carnival Queen and two Carnival Princesses, but you had to be 16 to enter for those. They gave me a toy squirrel.

I have a photo album full of photos, newspaper clippings and souvenirs, and I've still got all the bits and pieces that I won. Now you all know where I get my regal air from. smiley - biggrin

This is rather embarrassing these days..

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hello princess

This is rather embarrassing these days..

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This is rather embarrassing these days..

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