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one of my proudest moments is definitely the first time i sold any of my art, when i was thirteen. it was a ceramic sculpture of a yellow scotty dog, very cartoonish, rather abstracted, with a manic yet friendly grin, maybe two feet high ... i like that one a lot. i was so surprised when i found out somene had been asking about buying it ..... i'd taken art classes, mostly clay, since i was seven, almost entirely at the local art college, and they do a cool thing with the kids classes where your best thing or two from teh class is on display in the gallery for a while.

well, at that time there was also a special exhibition in the city hall-- i live in portland, pretty decent size city--of local art by kids. so guess who saw mine and liked it enough to call up the school? the mayor.

seriously. quite thrilling. and she knows something about art, her ex husband was a professional sculptor. and she was so nice about the whole thing, got a nice photo op, no price haggling, it was just very cool and fun. i got $200 for it, a lot considering my utter lack of fame, but super cheap compared to most stuff in major galleries.

so yeah ... a very proud time. got money for doing something i love, met someone famous, major bragging rights, and photos to prove it ^_^

oh, plus, she put it on display in her personal office for a few years. and tipper gore saw it and commented *big grin*

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