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I am thinking about coming out to a friend of mine we are fairly good friends but not ultra close, she has participated in the The Day of Silence and is friends with a girl who has a girlfriend(not friend who is a girl but girlfriend) so I know she isn't to homo or bi phobic do yall think it is a good idea?


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It's hard to give specific advice on this, because it's such a personal thing, but I think the fact you're debating whether to come out means that you've already made the decision, it's just a case of timing and building up the courage. All the people I know who've asked me this question have come out shortly afterwards, regardless of what I say.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you haven't changed at all. Your sexuality has always been a part of you, it contributes to who you are. If this person is a good friend, then she likes you for who you are, including the sexuality - she doesn't know about that yet.

Do try and be prepared for a whole wide range of reactions. She might take it brilliantly, or not care, which is great. She might take it badly, but then realise her mistake, which is kinda understandable - for some strange reason, people seem to think that coming out as gay or bi is a big deal - or she might simply be nasty about it. That really sucks when that happens, especially if it's someone you like, but ultimately it means they weren't that nice in the first place.

Good luck with whatevwer you choose smiley - ok
smiley - rainbow Iago


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Demon Drawer

As Iago says hard to give specific advice. But also have to agree if you're ready to start thinking about telling people you're propably ready to start telling them.

Also have to agree that reactions are hard to guage for the first two or three times you tell someone. I was surprised how surportive some people were and disappointed with one or two others. Now of course I just idly drop it into conversation with god knows who in the room and it passes without comment. As Iago also said we make such a big deal about it ourselves that often the event itself can tend in many cases to be an anti-climax.

Having in the last few years had to sort of re-come out to my Scottish acquaintances who knew me in a straight relationship of my bi history for 5 years this time it was far easier. The fact that people I now know didn't know was because they had no need to ask for those 5 years. I still get the odd, unusual reaction though but nothing I haven't seen before.

All the best smiley - goodluck


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Thanks I think I am going to start coming out but do yall think this friend sounds like a good place to start telling non family members.


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Demon Drawer

If you feel confortable starting there and it appears that you do then I'd say yes.

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