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Sneaky Strikes Again!

Which does you prefers, Snow White, Cinderella, or Sleeping Beauty?

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Remember when we were kids and the magic of a good fairy tale gave us endless hours of enjoyment? That great feeling when we would imagine ourselves in the role of the hero/heroine/damsel in distress and how everyone would love us, admire us and all that? Then it all ended. We grow up thinking that what made these stories so special is something relegated to childhood, that we cannot regain that sense of wonder at the world around us. I've always wondered about that. Of course I never really grew up. At heart I'm still that five year old little boy who is in utter awe at the magical feeling I get when I look at a crystal blue sky, at a beautiful sunrise (though I tend to sleep later than I did then), at a wonderous sunset, or even at the brilliance of a lightning flash in a storm. I guess I just refuse to believe that the world is as banal as my mean old science teacher tried to tell me it was.

I guess that's why I love these stories so much. They rekindle the spirit of the old fairy tales in a way that we can relate to in this increasingly mundane world we live in. That spirit gives me a sense of wonder and happiness that the news seems to try to destroy with all that madness in the world today. I only hope that you will feel the same wonder and excitement again as I have when reading these modern Fairy Tales.

Today's Selection:

The 'ol 'bait and switch'. A con so classic that it has been immortalized for centuries in a tale of gullibility centred around an egomaniacal ruler who has some exhibitionistic tendencies. Also starring Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. flameofgold
spins a tale as absorbing as the original with The Emperor's New Clothes.

I'm a bit partial to Rumpelstiltskin or Blue Beard...

This one is about vanity. It's about the messy situation that always develops when a parent remarries after a divorce or death. It's about jealousy and fruit, about vengance and a motor scooter, about dwarves and a mirror, though not necessarily in that order. Most of all it has a sense of humour that fits the tale of corruption in a suprising way. flamofgold does it again with her version of this classic tale so wronged by Walt years ago.
The Real Snow White And The Seven Dwarves Revealed had me laughing all the way to the end.
I hope you like it too.

Hmm! Why?

No compilation of fairy tales would ever be complete without our old standbys, nursery rhymes. We sing them to our infants to lull them to sleep, we chant them as children when at play. These innocent (or are they?) words teach us some powerful lessons in life.
Nursery Rhymes - The Next Generation have nothing in common with those. Funny as hell anyway.

I think they are more realistic role models. Plus, who wants to live happily 'ever after'?

This week's collation was begged, borrowed or stolen from various places on this site by Sneaky.

Just goes to show what you can find when you're not looking.

Who would want to eat fungus?

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Your efforts will continue to be *ahem* borrowed to provide some measure of entertainment for our masses.

We wouldn't do it without you.

The Committee for Alien Content(ment) salutes you! smiley - smiley - smiley -

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