The Doughnuts Are Not Enough (The Directors Cut) Scene 1

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A BIG Work in Progress

Scene 1

James Bond appears on a mountain not disimilar to Mt. Sandcastle on a ski do he jumps over a ridge

Not far behind is Eomando, dodging enemy fire, she hurries to catch up with JB, hoping he realises she's not the enemy...

JB and E stop at the edge of a forest. A small trickle of snow crosses their path. They look up......

Dancing Ermine drops out of the tree he's been hiding in watching the chase

...glad to see that the helicopter was waiting for them...

.JB..only to realise the helicopter pilot isn't one of Q's men as he opens fire from his machine gun mountings. JB pushes the others down the slope and skis backwards firing his trusty Walther PPK.....

dodging yet more bullet's E is suddenly glad that JB's such a good shot as she hears the helicopter pilot scream and fall out of the helicopter...

...only for 12 black clad skiiers to emerge from the right....

DE hides behind the nearest tree and leaps out at the first skiier landing on top of him

SFXThere is a sickening crunch

11 Black clad skiiers continue down the mountain

But Bluebottle, the evil henchman who is so hard-to-kill he is insured and has a pension scheme, has spotted them...

....meanwhile Bond dispatches of two more by inserting ski poles in their path. The leap 10 feet in the air and land with a clump.

Only 9 Black clad skiiers remain....

DE dons skis from downed skiier, seizes gun and follows the down mountain after others

....Bond skis up to cable car support strut. Grabs a hold and swings around. Catches one of the baddies with his skis. Gets another with fist as he skis past unexpectedly.

7 to go.....

two black clad skiiers turn off to chase down E..... DE follows close behind slowly gaining on them....

stopping next to JB, E pulls out her gun and takes aim...
...6 left

....the six split off three and three. JB follows the ones to the left...

...E goes to the right...

Stopping only to pick up a Martini, shaken, not stirred

The 2 skiiers close on E from her blind side.... DE turns his stolen weapon to automatic fire, mowing them down before they pull the trigger

Two corpses roll to a stop by E's feet

The evil henchman, Bluebottle, observes this cooly through binoculars from a distance, and jots notes down on a laptop.

...closes in on a skier, takes aim and fires, notices to two skiers by her feet and makes a mental note to thank DE later...E turns to see how JB's doing, then goes to help...

....JB pursues the remaining two henchmen onto the Bobsleigh track. Swishing right a left the hench men can't get off a clean shot. Bond adjusts his watch and aims at the finish house. A laser beam sets fire to the support struts, it falls on the hencemen. JB collects a briefcase from one of their outsreached arms. Meets up with E and DE who head off toward the beach below.



[INSERT STRANGE LIGHTING EFFECTS HERE](so as not to get too good a look at beautiful girls)>


[INSERT OO7 and some form of Gun affect HERE]

[INSERT]In The Doughnuts are Not Enough [/INSERT]

[CUE opening theme]

When your Running on Empty, with the wind in your hair

You need something extra to get you somewhere

You need someone to help you when the going gets rough

cause.... Donuts (hold) are not enough.


Donuts are not enough

Coffee or Capucinno is a must

Donuts are not enough

Well, maybe, if its a jelly filled puff.

copyright Sumogirl 2000

End Opening theme.

Scene 2

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