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You're doing an excellent job -- keep up the good work on a much needed entry. Here are a few comments and suggestions.

I think Jacob's 12 sons came from two wives -- Rachel and Leah.

Ezra was responsible for the religious restoration in 586, but it was actually Nehemiah who oversaw the rebuilding of the Temple.

I think in an article on Judaism it is best to use the term "BCE" to refer to dates "before the common era" as opposed to the Christian term "BC".

It was King Antiochus that the Maccabees/Hasmoneans rebelled against.

I'd change "Unfortunately, the leaders of this uprising - the Hasmoneans - were also rather unpleasant and narrow-minded." to "The leading family of this uprising, the Hasmoneans, became the new kings. Unfortunately some of their descendants were rather unpleasant and narrow-minded." I'd have to look, but I don't think there is any record of Judah or his brothers doing the evil things their sons did.

You could then seguay into the next paragraph:
"Two of these descendants, in order to settle an argument, decided to invite Rome in to help out -- Oy."

There were actually two Talmuds composed within those three hundred years. The Babylonian Talmud and the Palestinian Talmud. They cover the same basic issues, but have the opinions of different Rabbis. When one uses just the words "The Talmud" it usually refers to the Babylonian.

In the 1492 section, you could make reference to the fact that Columbus sailed on the *exact* day all Jews and Muslims had to be gone from Spain or die. And there is record of Columbus claiming to be descended from King David. It has been claimed by others that Columbus's maternal ancestry was Jewish--though this is open to question. However, not open to question, is that there were several known-Jews aboard, one of whom, I'd have to look up his name, helped to build the first Synagogue in North America (on one of the islands Columbus landed on).

Under Jewish Holidays

You could mention that the reason Jewish holidays begin on the night before is that in Genesis it states that God created "Night and Day".

Also, you could mention that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all in agreement on which day of the week the Seventh day is which God rested on -- Saturday. Christianity (except for Seventh Day Adventists and some other denominations) observes the Sabbath on Sunday, but they don't believe it is the seventh day.

Beyond History and Religious Holidays you might consider a section on Daily Ritual. You could talk about Kosher dietary laws, the practice of hanging mezuzzahs in doorways, and daily prayers. If you would like some assistance, let me know. My background is Reform, but I have read a lot, so I know more than most of my religous cohorts do.

There could also be a section on the modern divisions in Judaism -- Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist being the four main divisions.

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Jacob's 12 son's came from two wives and several maids.


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Jacob's 12 son's came from two wives and several maids. Only two from Rachel, his favorite of his wives and lovers.


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I'm most happy to input information, should you need it. Ask me if there is a question you have, and I will attempt to research it for you. Also, I know a lot about many ceremonies, rituals, etc. that many Reform Jews do not, as I have gone into a lot of personal study on many subjects. The comments already here are not only wonderfully accurate, but the literary suggestions are magnificent! I can't wait to see this come together in whole!


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Fadookie the Froody- Veggie [email protected]

I'm glad somebody had decided to write a definitive article on judaism.

It's turning out great! Keep going!
Mazel Tov on the project,

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Agreed on the bagle. Need shmear too!!! smiley - smiley
Terrible what's going on now in Europe. I feel sorry for Mr. Blair, and all of the Jewish residents of London. It is truly terrible.smiley - sadface


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Hmm, what do you mean what is happening to the Jewish people in Londen?

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