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Here at H2G2 we care about Researchers. In that spirit I have set up the Battersea Researchers Home, a charitable foundation for all those Researchers who we appear to have lost. If in your travels around H2G2 you come across a researcher who appears to have gone a little quiet (No activity for the last 6 months / 26 weeks) just post their nickname here.

You can also adopt a Researcher from the list. Adoption means you should regularly check their home page to see if they come back on-line. If they do, you can post an entry to get them taken off the list.

Lost Researchers

Researcher 28816 Last seen with some views on Melbourne
Garak : Greeted by Vegiman 27 wks ago. No journal, no articles, 2 fora 27 wks ago(as of 19 Mar 2000). He's a Brit truck driver, a trekkie.

Magne Hovden . 1 sentence on home page, but no greeting, no fora, no journal, no articles, i.e., no date.

Mack Snickerdoodle (!): gingerbread man. 1 article on Hot Dogs, 1 journal entry. Shazz tried contact 25 wks ago, but no activity in 38 weeks(as of 19 Mar 2000).

Maxximus, Lord of the Pit, and Erica, the Ecciemonster Home page and a few posts 29 weeks ago (as of 19 Mar 2000).

Lord Splattertrousers A one line home page and not much else for 37 weeks (as of 23 Mar 2000)

researcher 25879 windsurfer A couple of posts 49 weeks ago (as of 7 Apr 2000), before surfing off into the distance.

Bobakazoo A couple of articles and a double journal entry 49 weeks ago (as of 10 Apr 2000).

Stan Last post 42 weeks ago (as of 10 Apr 2000).

Researcher 30987 Last post 49 weeks ago (as of 10 Apr 2000).

RandomDNA Quite a few posts but last was 42 Weeks ago (as of 10 Apr 2000).

Demoness Missing 49 weeks as of 13th April. Four line self introduction no response, no journal entries and a total of 6 posts in five conversations. One guide entry on being bored and reorganising bookmarked sites in your browser.

Editor #6 of the Galactic Guide A couple of journal entries and some articles, probably hanging out at ZZ plural Alpha, an early researcher. Missing 40 weeks as of 1 May 2000.

Researcher U37037 One comment about Jokes - 51 weeks ago as of 1 May 2000.

Researcher 88567 One post to a brief discussion on Students 33 weeks ago (as of 8 May 2000).

4F'er with 4 conversations and 2 journal entries.

The Fashion Police who was convinced he would take over the world.

Tscheussli three conversation posts.

Andara Bledin Wrote a guide entry on Cats which provided the foundation of an official entry, still standing to this day! Last post 47 weeks ago (as at 24 June 2000).

The Venii (as at 26 June 2000):

Venus In Leather (29 weeks)

Venus in Marmite (29 weeks)

Venus in Spirit (26 weeks)

Venus in Blue (27 weeks)

Adopted Researchers

Angellica Adopted at 43 weeks, last post a Journal entry. Adopted by Joanna

Nax Adopted at 31 weeks,last post a Journal entry. Adopted by Demon Drawer

Researcher 43678 Adopted at 33 weeks,last and only entry an article on 'Blues and Folk'. Adopted by BluesSlider

Oddball Adopted at 35 Weeks, one homepage no replies. Adopted by Bluebottle .

Venus In Furs (30 weeks)Adopted by Bluebottle .

Tombstone Last seen applying for a job in the Cabinet Office. Adopted by Mike A .

MikeS A journal entry about his tea (Fish and Chips) and a couple of forum posts 46 weeks ago (as of 19 Mar 2000). Adopted by Hatman ACE .

Feisor :Last seen waiting for Godot about 28 weeks ago. Adopted by (HRH) bluDragon .

Researcher 34717 Last seen with an entry on University Kitchens. Adopted by Bistroist .

28653 Two articles 33 weeks ago (as of 7 Apr 2000). Probably American Law Student judging by the disclaimer.
Adopted by Boys and Cake Girl .

smoss Last seen with a double-post journal entry about contact lenses. Adopted by SallyM .

Aeolian Last post 47 weeks ago (as of 10 Apr 2000). Adopted by Zmrzlina .

Batty Last seen 49 weeks ago (as of 11 Apr 2000). His article "The Bush" was accepted as an approved Guide entry a week later, but seems to be one of those that has been since removed from the Guide. Adopted by Anonymouse .

Mahatma-G : lives in Trinidad. made a journal entry 28 wks ago(as of 19 Mar 2000). No greeting (from ACE), no articles, no fora. Adopted by Saint Zax .

Mykl Quite a few articles, several of which are approved, but no posts for the last 33 weeks (as of 8 May 2000). Adopted by Saint Lisa the (co-founding) Freak... .

Ningaui A small marsupial with a journal post 49 weeks ago (as of 10 Apr 2000). Adopted by Lintilla .

Welcome Back Researchers

This section lists Researchers who have returned to the fold.

wraggy .
Adopted by The Cheese .

Bob is back! Adopted by Dr. E. Vibenstein .

Malke Adopted by Ioreth

Wonko the Sane Adopted by Bistroist .

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