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You've found your way to the H2G2 Parent and Child Group, the place to be! Everyone is welcome, and remember, a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet!

The Beginnings

New Mum!

So you've had a baby. Your life will never be the same again! For a start, there are those sleepless nights. Does your child wake in the early hours? Or do you have one that just won't go to bed? Or are you one of the lucky few who get more than 4 hours sleep a night!

We would love to hear any hints, tips and advice you may have.

Baby Food!

The other big topic for new parents is feeding. Breast or bottle? The debate continues, but we all have our own ideas and opinions. Which did you choose? What was the best for your child?

The next stage here is weaning. What age is best to start? Do you think homemade foods are the bees knees, or are you a fan of ready made from the shops! All recipe ideas will be fallen upon and devoured(by the babies, not us!).

Mobile And Looking For Mischief

So, you have a toddler! Mobile, curious, into everything! So what do you do? Do you spend every waking hour watching your offspring, waiting for the crash as the next ornament falls to the floor! Or do you make judicious use of a playpen?

Keeping toddlers and pre-schoolers amused and out of trouble is a full-time job! How do you do it?

Growing Up

A group of children all engrossed in learning different stuff around a table

And don't they do it fast! Playschool beckons before you know it, and school isn't too far in the future. And then comes all the great stuff they pick up from the kids in the playground! Games and jokes, not to mention language and lice! And how do you get them to do their homework?!

The Future

A bundle of money which has been chained and padlocked

Ok, so we all know children cost money! Lots of it! But there are ways to cut those costs. You can buy clothes from charity shops, or make good use of hand-me-downs. Join a toy library. Walks in the park are free, and what child doesn't like feeding the ducks! Do you know any more things to do to save money?

Teenagers are notorious for causing headaches! I'm sure we'd all like to hear any ideas on how to handle them! If you have a teen, and need somewhere to vent, this is the place for you!


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