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Food and drink has an extraordinary place in history. The discovery and conquest of the Americas led to the introduction of chocolate, coffee and potatoes. An argument in France over bread and cake led to a number of people getting their heads lopped off.

Religious or cultural choices about food can define a people and a cuisine. Jewish and Moslem traditions regarding certain foods and beverages, and food preparation, for example. The Catholic Church's decision in the 1960's to allow people to eat whatever they like on Fridays, not just fish, was a terrible blow to fish and chip shops.

Food can also be an indicator of changing times. I remember when a New Zealand curry consisted of mince, raisins and a teaspoon of curry. Now there are numerous Indian and Thai restaurants, and a plethora of curry pastes, heat-and-eats or just-adds in a jar.

In times past, you ate food to survive. Now you can eat it for pleasure, convenience, depression, to lose weight, to get fat or, if you believe the movies or commercials, for sexual gratification

Below is a list of Guide Entries that look at either the origins of the particular food or beverage, or at its role in history.


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