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Angry Anyone?

Pull my finger, hehe!

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This week
CAC-C features angry rants at issues that are irritating, at least they are to,
Martha Rigby, cumulonimbus, Tom Marvolo Riddle and The Ghost of Polidari.
They all deal with various issues that remind us all of sand in our britches. Incredibly annoying, in other words.
So, if you've had a bad day, are a member of P.U.D.D.I.N.G., or are just grumpy most of the time, then this is for you!
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If you're happy and you know it...

The Wonderful World Of Computing

Martha Rigby
Shares an all too common problem with an all too common application.
The error, the ERROR, oh please god, not THE ERROR!
Man vs. Tech Support

...bang your head!

'God, Schmod! I Want My Monkey-Man!'

cumulonimbus, like that lovable underachiever, has his doubts about god.
Explore with him the underpinnings of this theory in:
An Essay Disputing The Intelligent Design Theory



Tom Marvolo Riddle talks about the one thing that plagues students everywhere,
and which complaint irritates the teachers just as badly.
Read along and try to find out:
Why Must Some Teachers Assign Such Boring Homework?


You're Fired!

The Ghost Of Polidari has faced the worst thing to happen to a career,
the possibility of being made... Redundant1 Oh, the horror!
Well, if you or someone you know is in this position
then you might want to read
Redundancy: How To Cope When You Get Involved

This week's issue put together with the blessings of
If you too would like to have us criticise and belittle
your creative efforts please click on the submissions button there
and post a link (the A-number) to your entry.


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1In the UK, 'being made redundant' means that the company has found a dubious over-staffing reason to 'let you go', 'have you fired' or 'give you the sack'. The only consolation is that they are duty-bound to offer monetary reparation depending on time served - when a firm is known to be 'down-sizing' some will even take 'voluntary redundancy'.

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