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Where Do I even begin with this one? I am typing this entry on a "borrowed" computer. Why? you ask. Because my Hell Machine, a.k.a. my personal computer whose brand name must not be mentioned for fear of it trying to make attempts on my life in my sleep, has made it known that it wishes not to do the job for which it was created. Computing.

I have yet to figure out why it has come to this ultimate decsicion. Only Bill Gates can say for sure. This leads me to the biggest problem: Online Tech Support.

My computer decided that when I try to start it up, that it wants to give ten thousand errors before freezing in a moment of iciness. So I tried another way to fix the first problem which gave me another problem. SO I contacted the elusive Tech Support.

After much coffee and just as many e-mails. They have yet given me just as many solutions. None which have worked. So to top all of this off, I received an e-mail from a Tech Support, who claimed to have read all the other correspondances from the other Techs and claimed to understand the problem, with a solution that negated all of the other solutions. But this solution is not possible by the laws of man and physics, to work on account of the first initial problem.

Personal Computers are an artificial bundle of vicious cycles of evil.

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