Lost something? Found something lost? Take it to the Lost And Found!

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Ever lost anything around h2g2, I mean anything? Be it a towel, a babel fish, or even just your way! (That's a tricky one...)

Now there's somewhere to help! Here at our little Lost and Found come and report what you've lost/found around your h2g2 travels and we'll try and help!

Or if you've just stumbled here by accident, you could have a chat or even join the staff! (Help is always appreciated!)

So who does work around here?


Before Aximli and Fluffykerfuffle took over, these were the staff members:
Insane Endeavour The founder of the Office. Now retired.
Ming was the Supplier of Sweets and Person who Stares out of the Window for No Apparant Reason
Paul Prefect was going to help as well, but no one ever found out what he did. It remains as one of the great unsolved mysteries of the cosmos.


This place has recently undergone a face lift. The new employees are:
Aximili, who keeps the place tidy and is...'connected'. smiley - winkeye .
fluffykerfuffle who loses stuff a lot so is good at finding stuff.
Josh The Finder Of Not Lost Things.

Lost or Found

Here will be listed the various objects/small white mice/bypass plans reported lost, and whatever found will also be displayed (and not at the bottom of a locked filing cabinet in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying 'beware of the leopard', either)!!!


Recently lost will to work. Customer wants it back as soon as possible, before their net access is stopped.


A large quantity was recently reunited with its rightful owner.
Thanks for reporting it Grunthos the Flatuent!

In a chain of events that led to the re-opening of the Lost and Found Office, fluffykerfuffle found her lost name tag, with a little help from Aximili and Boris the cheesecake-eating spider.

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