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Welcome to The Circle.  We hope you will find something here of interest and will want to join our conversations.

The Circle has been created for people who are interested in serious discussions about some specific topics. It is not a place for general chat or for role playing.  There are many opportunities for that in other areas of h2g2.  If you are interested in subjects other than those listed below, we recommend you post in The Forum or Ask h2g2.

We have chosen The Circle as our name for two reasons. First, we want this to be a Circle of Friends, a meeting place of equals, where all opinions are respected and all those who post here are treated with courtesy.

Second, we have chosen The Circle for its symbolism. A circle has no beginning or end, no first or last. It contains everything and wants nothing.  It is timeless, sexless and absolute.

The Circle reflects the somewhat eclectic interests of its founders.  It is located within a tall stone enclosure.  Inside the walls you will find a community building containing a large friendly kitchen, a communal dining hall, a recreation room and a library. Behind this building are dormitories for those of you who care to spend the night, or month, or year.  We have a large Potager or vegetable plot and orchard where we raise much of the food prepared in the kitchen. The grounds also contain many perennial beds and a meditation garden.  In the center of the garden is a gazebo, and a greenhouse and several garden sheds are scattered around the perimeter.

Conversations about different subjects are held in different areas of the compound.

  • To discuss religion and philosophy you should visit the meditation garden.

  • If you stroll through the Potager, you will find people anxious to discuss ecology, environmental issues and gardening.

  • For a discussion about poetry and classic literature, please visit the library.

  • The kitchen is the place to talk about cooking and to swap recipes.

  • Health and fitness issues are the subject in the dining hall.

  • For discussions about popular culture you will need to visit the rec room.

  • And if you need an outing, board the Circle Bus for a field trip to a museum, art gallery or nature conservancy.

More information about each area is available by following the links. Alternatively, if you have questions or comments about The Circle in general, post below.

Thanks for dropping by.  We hope you decide to join us.

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