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Bassman - Funny how people never ceases to amaze me!

Friut Bat (Eric The)

Do I have to give you a real vote, or a virtual vote? Tricky one that.

My band played a gig the other night and got a percentage of the bar takings, which turned out to be sixty quid. I started going on about Eric the Fruit Bat - they all thought I was mad. I can't help it if they're uncultured.


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Fluff McFluffy a.k.a Fluffy the Vampire Slayer

I'm sorry to butt into your conversation without reading it but I have An amazing achievement I'm bursting to tell anyone, and a question.

We wrote a letter to Michael Palin saying we thought he was one of the sexiest old people men we knew of. Much more sexy than Trevor McDonald the ITN newsreader. We addressed this slightly insulting letter to Michael Palin at the BBC and expected it to never arrive any where because as a rule you have to have more than 4 words in an address.
But half a year later we've got two autographed photos of Mike.
(And we think he may have wrote the envelope.)
Sorry, but I do think he is one of the most attractive people in the public eye, and this really has rattled my cage.
But he also sent us a piece of paper saying 'The Gumby Company'. We think to keep the photos apart.
Does anyone know of this company and if it has anything to do with Michael Palin.
Does any one have a more accurate address for Michael Palin fans?


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A few days ago I visited the phython-homepage www.pythonline.com, which I think contains some adresses (at leasr mail).
Concerning the Gumby Company: I´ll think about it!

British Humor, and other Oxymorons

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Why is so much American television copied from the British? And why are the American imitations so much worse than the originals?

Well, perhaps political correctness has something to do with it. British television has no problem portraying swishy, effeminate homosexual stereotypes, but those same characterizations draw hostile protests over here.

It could be the gratuitous nudity. We Americans have no problem with random violence on television, but we draw the line at breasts!

On the other hand, British humor may be an attempt to draw attention away from British "cuisine."

British Humor, and other Oxymorons

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Bassman - Funny how people never ceases to amaze me!


A note on political correctness. Why do we bother. It's just a different language that you have to mentally translate eg, if I told you I had a friend who was Vertically, Horizontally, Folically, and Paternally challenged - you'd work out that he was a short fat balding bastard!!

"No problem with random violence" - that'd be why so many teenage Yanks go round their schools shooting up their classmates then?

The reason that you have a problem with breasts is that your girls rely too largely on silicon, and can't bare (pun intended) to see the real Mc Coy!!

As for British cuisine, just tell me when the USA becomes famous for anything other than Mc Donnalds burgers, and I'll maybe take note!!

Best Python Sketches

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The Lupin Highwayman.
You mean, of course
Dennis Moore.

Best Python Sketches

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Bassman - Funny how people never ceases to amaze me!

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