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Researcher 197848

After reading the entry on Smallfield (A142237) I felt that I had to respond. I am relatively new to the village having only moved in at the end of May. However, depsite the short time I have spent there I am inclined to disagree with every comment about the town in the what can be only described as 'sarcastic' entry.

To start with, I admit that Smallfield is not a particularly inspiring name - but then how many towns do possess inspiring titles? I mean what does the likes of Luton, Epsom or Cobham conjure up? Not a lot - and to be honest - are they meant to?

Secondly, yes it is true the only way you can directly access Smallfield from the M23 is by jumping off a bridge - by hasn't enough of our countryside been spoilt by major roads? The M25 is no more than ten minutes away and the M23 can be accessed through the nearby town of Crawley. As such Smallfield is not disturbed by noisy traffic and the children are safe from drivers who continue at motorway speeds long after they exit the junction.

With respect to takeaways - no thankfully the town isn't full of takeaways providing 'hang out' locations for trouble. However, many of the takeaways in nearby Horey (2 miles away) all deliver, many of which for free, to Smallfield - so surely that represents the best of both worlds? We don't have to look at discarded pizza boxes and smell garlic and fat every time we go for a walk in the village but should we wish to partake in such cuisine it can in fact be delivered directly to our door.

What the author forgot was that this is a quiet rural village and as such has done well to preserve many of the traditions which have long been forgotten. A local market on Saturday provides fresh local produce whilst supporting the local community, the traffic calming in the area means that children can play safely and that 'boy racers' are deterred from using the village as a race track.

However, local towns Horley and Crwaley provide access to bars, restaurants and nightclubs as well as regular rail services into London and towards the coast.

Admittedly the village isn't fast paced and full of action - but that's the whole point - and that is what the author failed to recognise!


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Hi I'm replying to Researcher 197848.

I'm Friar, I'm an angel, and I was wondering if you wanted to give yourself a username, or alter your personal space at all.

Yuo've been registered for a week hee, and I was just checking up to make sure that everything was going smoothly for you on H2G2.

Friat, the BigDawg


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Researcher 202763

Having also read the A142237 entry, well done 197848,good response and absolutely on the money. I moved to Smallfield aged 2 and moved to Horley aged 11. The village has changed little since those days, and I'm pleased. Bearing in mind I'm in my 40's now it's great to see the schools,shops etc are still there and as a newcomer to the village, I hope you stay happy there, as I did. Pizzas, take aways, pubs etc are just down the road if you want them.

The "researcher" is no doubt attempting to create laughs simply by posting a sarcastic, negative review. It has no real merit because it's not balanced, it's just picking holes and then inflating them out of proportion. Eg, the aircraft noise...ever been to Windsor?

One statement is true. Matthieu Hartley was born there. I should know...I was downstairs at the time.

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