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The cure is curry

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Paul the Brake

Loved the article, it made me chuckle. Matthieu Hartley must have been a member of the band when I used to buy thier albims. as for speed bumps the're the curse of the nineties that we all have to put up with. I think there should be some kink of divice that pops up and rips the tyres off when someone goes over the speed limit. the police, ambulance & fire services could have a gadget to disable them when they have to exceed the speed limit. this way you could get your curry home without a stir.

The cure is curry

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Grey Area

Ah,Smallfield! The verdant fields, the shining residents, the glittering Jumbos criss crossing the welkin with shimmering vapour trails...
Pity it's such a dump, though. My boss used to live there, and so did one of the biggest cretins I ever hope to meet.

The Smallfield Bumps

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Spot on Pete, alias The bearded one

Curse those speed bumps, neatly positioned so that if you line up to straddle one of them you meet a car head on which is doing the same coming the other way !
I drive through Smallfield every day, what did you guys do wrong to get that lot ?

The Smallfield Bumps

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Guess they got a little upset with kids and people in general being knocked down by speeding loonies, so inconsiderate!

The India Garden

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The India Garden seems to have closed down. At the very least they do not answer the phone or the doorbell.

We used to have our "departmental special occasion" meals there and have had to resort to an alternative in recent months.

Does anyone local have any news of the 'Garden?

PS The alternative was Khushboo, 69 Balcombe Rd, Horley, 01293 821679. Very nice indeed and not far from Smallfield although no garden to sit and eat in.

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