The Watchers Council

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The Watchers Council
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When one Slayer dies, another is called and trained by a Watcher. It is the Watchers responsibility to teach the Slayer or Potential about her calling, demons, vampires and all manners of evil. The Watcher must also physically train the Slayer to use various weapons and also her mind. The Watchers are trained by the Watchers Council. The Council provide the information about all Demons, Vampires and other evils that roam the planet.

With the Council in ruins after the explosion that destroyed all our records, it's up to those of us left to try and rebuild the Council.

Under the guidance of Rupert Giles, we need volunteers to help us to identify all the activated Slayers and build a new library on Demons, Vampires and any other relevant imformation.




Fortune cookies

The Watchers


The Library
Joss Whedon - Writer and Creator
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - TV Series
Slayer History
The Language of Buffy
Wicca - A Legacy of Persecution
Greek Myths - Death and the Underworld
Psychic Vampires
Ghosts and Spirits
Wizard Lore
Love Spells
An Introduction to Vodou
Candle Magic
Greek Gods
Norse Gods

The Slayers

Empress of the night

The Wiccans

Black Eyed Girl

A green dragon

The job of the Watcher is to train their Slayer. To re-stock the Council library with all relevant articles and items required to continue the work needed to fend off the Vampires and Demons. Working alongside the Wiccas, who will assist you in all research requirements.

Research Material:
Tales of the Slayer: Volumns 1, 2, 3 & 4 | The Watchers Guides: Volumns 1, 2 & 3 | The Monster Book
Slayer Slang | Sunnydale High Year Book | OMWF Script Book | Wicked Willow Trilogy
Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Philosophy | Why Buffy Matters

Slayer Scythe | Gil Hibben Jackal AKA Faith's knife

Join the Council
Watcher, Slayer or Wiccan?
Which one are you?
The Badge
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