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When you've got your hand up a puppet, don't curl your fingers!

The New New <br/>

It's hard not to lecture when you think the next evolutionary step is just a paragraph away.

There is an old

philosophical joke that

says something about precipitation

and the average life span.

I can't

quote it for you exactly

but you get the gist.

Philosophy allows for stupidity,

in fact,

it seems to depend upon it,

to a certain extent,

but it doesn't

and it won't

tell us how to deal with

Stupid Philosophies!

And that is

my philosophical joke:

Into every life

a stupid philosophy must


In your case, I'm doing my best

to help it along.

More reasons to bang the rocks together.

1. 8:57 AM
Is Parody insulting?


Carpe Carborundum!

2. 9:57 AM
Functional Illiteracy: Why Johnny won't read.


Marie Curie's Dog, 'Sparky', the walking Nightlight!

3. 10:57 AM
The Perversity of Stupidity


PC PLOD: Now, with Raisins!

4. 11:57 AM
Give me a clue!?


Your Other Right Foot (appearing nightly without warning)

The Escape Pod Dreams

(tonsil revenge)

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