Is Parody insulting?

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Let's say I wrote something. (There's a stretch, I know.)

Let's say you liked it. (ditto)

Let's say, though, that you saw a flaw in the logic or an opening in the idea that led you to feel that you could fly with your own version of what I wrote.

Let's say that I found your version offensive.

What are my options?


I don't think so.

Parody is protected.

Write a nasty letter?

That would just make me look like a fool.

Call my mommy?

I could, but I don't think she would understand. She still thinks that homosexuality is a mental illness and that the moon landings were filmed at Ealing Studios.

Call down God's wrath upon the perpetrator?

I could, but I don't think he would take me seriously. He's been parodied so many times he can't keep track of his favorites!

Basically, all a writer can do is keep writing.

If she/he is particularly vengeful, then this state of umbrage can
be used as fuel for the next conflagration of words that the author unleashes on the unsuspecting world.

But they should be mindful that everything is fair game when it comes to parody.

Their tirade or inspiration may suffer the same treatment.

They should be glad that anyone is reading them.

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