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Better jokes this time!

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Really smiley - smiley I liked the double-header this week.

I have to watch every Jason and Freddy movies in a row, and I've worked my way through all the Jasons (Just finished them today). I just don't *get* them. smiley - sigh But that's another review.

This movie strikes me as a sort of Superman Vs Batman movie (Which is, sadly coming out) where there's one person who could actually exist - Batman and Jason versus something that is, well impossible - Freddy and Superman.

I'm glad that there's a clear winner smiley - ok

smiley - blacksheep ranting

PS- Batman would kick Superman's ass!

Better jokes this time!

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But then he of course would say sorry... as all good super hero's would...


Loved the reviews Awix... ~hugs~.. the jokes where very captain pugwash at one point... ~grinny grin~... have you watched every episode Jodan?

Better jokes this time!

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Not yet, Greebs smiley - smiley Soon...

Better jokes this time!

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Captain Pugwash?

Roger the Cabin Boy and Master Bates were some interesting pirates weren't they...

Better jokes this time!

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And of course Batman would beat Superman... Mr. Wayne would just buy a load of kryptonite from Lex Luthor!

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