The University of Durham

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The University of Durham is the UK's third oldest university, behind Oxford and Cambridge, and is also one of the most
prestigeous (behind, erm, Oxford and Cambridge). Reknowned for it's first-class teaching and research ratings, it resides
in the small Northern city of Durham (shock horror), yet as the students make up a quarter of the city's population (the other three
quarters consisting entirely of old women moaning about the students), it tends to be flanked with Southern youths wearing baseball
caps, fat-face tops and talking loudly about their imminent skydiving holidays to Chezlovakia.
Durham tends to end up with a lot of Oxbridge rejects; upper-middle-class brats with no concerns other than social status, rugby and
how much Snakebite & Black they can drink.
Durham is also a collegiate university, and the biggest implication of that is there is 12 college bars for students to get sozzled in.

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