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The Insert Evil Laugh *here* Issue

Is this the place?

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It's here. The issue to do with all things evil, nasty and creepy. So dust off your white cat and put in your metal teeth and enjoy... wa ha ha ha.

Now we are not saying the boss is really evil, but...

A10598420 by U3126111

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Who thought death would be like this?

A10699464 by U188147

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Moles. More than just a menace to gardeners...

A10699699 by U217868

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Every now and again on h2g2 you meet great people, who
write great stories. U2280458 is one of them. This is the
first in her great series - 'Marvin turns to the Dark Side'. We are bringing you the first three in the series this issue, and will continue the gripping story over the next few CAC Continuum's. For the time being... enjoy!

A10700245 by U2280458

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A10832979 by U2280458

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A10833437 by U2280458

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This issue of the CAC Continuum was captured, tied under a
laser and then dropped into a pool of sharks by
and MJ

as part of the Committee for Alien Content's Continuing search for truth and a wider audience.

Speak for yourself!

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