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Sort of contradictary really...

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Five live recorded two hours before hand???

I do, however hope that PUDDING doesn't support those old men who tell kids not to play in the street!!

But I think that everyone answering fine to how are you is just as infuriating as 'turn that frown-- no wait that's more annoying...

Sort of contradictary really...

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Well, speaking as one of PUDDING's own old men, I don't generally mind where kids play as long as it's nowhere near me while I'm feeling grumpy. smiley - sadfacesmiley - grr

Sort of contradictary really...

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Demon Drawer

And I missed this braodcast.

Sort of contradictary really...

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Mort - a middle aged Girl Interrupted

somebody taped it and is trying to do something with it somehow smiley - erm That isnt very helpful is it?

smiley - laugh

Sort of contradictary really...

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Hathornefer (ACE) Near miss - isnt that what you'd call a hit

Posibly Mortsmiley - winkeye

I have been saying for years that the problem of workplace stress is not solved by stress management courses, it is solved by less stress in the workplace. Otherwise you are only treeting the symptoms and putting the onus on the staff to solve the problem that lays with the company.

Just felt I needed to say it here too.

smiley - love

Sort of contradictary really...

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Phryne- 'Best Suppurating Actress'

This was quite upsetting, it seemed like the point Ormondroyd was making was missed, completely. Every time he mentioned being left alone to one's grumpiness, and not being *forced* to change simply to make someone else feel more comfortable, it got turned into a implication that he would refuse help from some generous soul truly anxious about his feelings, and that he wished to selfishly wallow in misery.
Which is completely cockeyed, o'course, and symptomatic of the problem... smiley - groan

Could someone not bring Janice's attention to the offending articles on Smile Mania's site?

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