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Hi, I'm a new Blackadder bod. It's my fave comedy ever. I was just wondering which you think is the best series, and what order you would put them in? Personally, I'd say S2, S4, S3, S1.

I voted for Head as my favourite episode, mainly for 2 memorable lines.

Percy: Shall I come, too, my lord?

Blackadder: No, best not, people might think we're friends.


Blackadder: Percy, this is a very difficult situation.

Percy: Yes, my lord.

Blackadder: Someone's for the chop. You or me, in fact.

Percy: Yes

Blackadder: Let's face facts, Perce, it's you.

I must have seen this episode a thousand times but it still makes me cry with laughter. I am laughing now as I type it.

Favourite series

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jimbob_ii (hey, who turned off the lights?)

got to say, i'm fairly new to blackadder as well!

i'd say my favourites are S4, S1, S2, S3

best episode is general hospital (S4), my favourite line has to be:

'if you return with the information, captain darling will pump you thoroughly in the debriefing room!'

Favourite series

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I'm not new to Blackadder, just this msg board! But that's what's so great about it. If you watched it for the first time today it would still seem fresh and original. There are no other shows like it, it's completely original and no-one's bettered it.

Favourite series

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Have to say that Im not a fan of Series one even though Baldrick was the clever one I would say series 4 had to be the best with series 2 a close second. Goodbyeee has to be both hilarious and sad at the same time just shows comedy can show the horror and senselessness of war.

Favourite series

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I'm not new to blackadder but am new to the message board.

My favourite is definately S4 then S2, S3, S1. However, i still love them all. I must have seen every episode hundreds of times.

My favourite episodes are 'Captain Cook', 'General Hospital' and 'Beer'.

Darling is the best !!!smiley - biggrin

'Goodbyeee' is very sad smiley - wah but also hilarious

Favourite series

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I am a Blackadder series 1-4 Dictionary. (Except I dont have the word Sausage anywhere in it)
Anyway, I love all of the series, so I shall state my favorite episode for each series and why:

smiley - magicSeries 1: The Witchsmeller's pursuivant
So full of hilarious outbursts and false accusations, this episode is probably the best.
Edmund: Well, I meant, would the cat like some milk.

Witchsmeller: Milk? What did you mean by `milk'?

Edmund: I meant milk! Bloody milk!!!

Witchsmeller: BLOODY MILK!!! It was a mixture of milk and blood!

Edmund: No, no, just milk!

Witchsmeller: Ah, blood was to come later!

Edmund: (pleading) There wasn't any blood!


smiley - aleSeries 2:BEER!
This is hilarious. The puritan aunt was ver funny with her descriptions of sin. "Chairs are an invention of Satan! In our house, Nathaniel sits on a spike!" Its drunken comedy is good, as well as the cuning lexicon and "the turnip that looked just like a thingy!"
Monk: Great booze-up, Edmund! [farts, leaves]


Aunt: Do you know that man?

Edmund: [looks behind himself as though he didn't really see] No...

Aunt: He called you `Edmund'...

Edmund: Oh, >know< >him<...oh, yes, I do.

Aunt: Then can you explain what he meant by `great booze-up'?

Edmund: [thinks ... ... ... thinks ... ... ... thinks ... ... ... thinks ... ... ... thinks ... ... ... thinks ... ... ... thinks ... ... ... thinks ... ... ... thinks ... ... ... thinks ... ... ... thinks]

Yes, I can... My friend...is...a missionary...and...on his last visit abroad...brought back with him...the chief of a famous tribe... >His< name is Great Bu... He's been suffering from sleeping sickness...and he has obviously just woken...because, as you heard, "Great Bu's up"...
smiley - laughSeries 3: Ink and Incapability
This is the ultimate episode that shows the true wit and sophistication of Edmund Blackadder. It is a very funny episode.
Dr. Johnson: (places two manuscripts on the table, but picks up the top one) Here it is, sir: the very cornerstone of English scholarship. This book, sir, contains every word in our beloved language.

Prince George: Hmm.

Edmund: Every single one, sir?

Dr. Johnson: (confidently) Every single word, sir!

Edmund: (to Prince) Oh, well, in that case, sir, I hope you will not object if I also offer the Doctor my most enthusiastic contrafribularities. (or maybe `contrafribblarities', coming from the word `fribble'. A closed-caption decoder would help here.)

Dr. Johnson: What?

Edmund: `Contrafribularites', sir? It is a common word down our way...

Dr. Johnson: Damn! (writes in the book)

Edmund: Oh, I'm sorry, sir. I'm anispeptic, frasmotic, even compunctuous to have caused you such pericombobulation.

Dr. Johnson: What? What? WHAT?
smiley - wahSeries 4: Goodbyeee!
Although poignant, it still has all of the funny attributes that sum up the Blackadder series.
Baldrick: Permission to ask a question, sir?

Edmund: Permission granted, Baldrick, as long as isn't the one about where babies come from.

Baldrick: No, the thing is: The way I see it, these days there's a war on, right? and, ages ago, there wasn't a war on, right? So, there must have been a moment when there not being a war on went away, right? and there being a war on came along. So, what I want to know is: How did we get from the one case of affairs to the other case of affairs?

Edmund: Do you mean "How did the war start?"

&FINAALYsmiley - bubblysmiley - bubbly
Blackadder: 'We've been sitting here since Christmas 1914, during which time millions of men have died, and we've moved no further than an asthmatic ant with heavy shopping.'

Thanks for Reading
GOODBYEEEsmiley - winkeye

Favourite series

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The Liquid Warrior (Vescere bracis meis)

I have the series and liked the Elizabethian Series number two. I wasn't all that impressed with One. I did like where he went back and forth in time and it was Baldrick's underpants which wiped out the dinosaurs.Also the Christmas Carol.

Favourite series

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They all rock, but my favourite series in order, are: S3, S2, S4 and S1, Series 3 is extremly special to me as my mum used to watch it when she was epxecting me. My favourtie episodes from all of the sereis are:

S1: The Foretelling

What a way to start off one of the greatest comedy's ever written, Rowan's facial expressions are just classic. And Richard the thrid's ghost haunting Edmund, a brillant peformancesmiley - ok

Favorite Charcter: Mad Gearld "I say good morning Mad Gerald how are you today? I say oh very mad thank you" excellent, well done Rik

S2: Bells

This episode has some of the greatest lines in the whole of the Blackadder series, from when Blackadder visits his doctor about falling for his man servant ("well just pop your man servant on the table and we'll take a look at him") and Lord Flasheart arriving at Edmund's wedding (Am I pleased to see you or have I just put a canoe in my pocket?).

Favouite Chacrter: Lord Flasheart, Baldrick, Nursie and Queen Elizabeth

S3: Dual And Duality

A tough one as this is my most favourite series. Prince George makes it for me, Hugh Laurie is brillant. Stephen Fry makes this episode as the Duke Of Wellington ("shout, shout and shout again"). McAdder's brillant as well ("he's madder than mad Jack McMad, the winnder of last year's 'Mr Madman Competion'").

Favourite Charcters: Prince George, Baldrick and The Duke Of Wellington

S4: Private Plane and Goodbyee

Again another diffcult choice, I love private Plane (again for Rik Mayall's performane) but Goodbyee is a moving episode! As I listen to it on my I-pod I recive shivers down my spine and a lump in my throat.

Favourite Chacters: Geroge, Baldrick and Lord Flasheart

Favourite series

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I thought I knew all the episodes backwards. In which one do they go back and forth in time and baldricks underpants wipe out the dinosaurs?

Favourite series

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I`ve heard word of a new series of Blackadder beeing planned. Script is written some says. Anyone who can confirm these roumors?

Favourite series

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I think it is scary how some ppl can rememba scripts of bi hart!!!!!!!!!!!

smiley - smileysmiley - biggrinsmiley - laughsmiley - sadfacesmiley - blushsmiley - kisssmiley - smoochsmiley - loveblushsmiley - cheerssmiley - oksmiley - hugsmiley - cheerupsmiley - wahsmiley - coolsmiley - ermsmiley - winkeyesmiley - alesmiley - bubblysmiley - teasmiley - cakesmiley - chocsmiley - tongueoutsmiley - runsmiley - magic

Love from Honestysmiley - smooch

Favourite series

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Baldrick's underpants wipe out the Dinosaurs in the "Back and Forth" special.

My personal favourite is GOODBYEEEE in season 4. (Should the Shakespeare Sketch be considered a part of the Black Adder canon? In any case, I found it "vedy funny".)

Favourite series

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Number one is best, of course. The other three don`t even come CLOSE! The second best must still be the third episode. I am not to keen on the two other series, but still, I guess it must be number four, and lastly number 2. Number 2 I find a bit boring.

I saw Black Adder first back in 1984. I remember I saw it with a friend and my father. The first episode is definitely the best ever! But the duel in the second episode was also great! Black Adder the first is really a great anti-hero!

Favourite series

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For me it is undoubtedly S2, S3, S1, S4. Blackadder is too stupid in series 1, while Baldrick is too stupid in series 4. Percy and George make much better dunces. In the first series the writing hadnt quite yet hit the spot, while by the time of series 4 many of the long-running gags were getting stale. You can think of lines that fall a little flat in 1 and 4, but every single one is a gem in 2.

Favourite series

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My favourite series is definitely S4.

My rank order of series and episodes are as follows:

1. S4: Fav episodes: 'Corporal Punishment' and 'General Hospital'

2. S3: Fav episodes: 'Dual and Duality' and 'Ink and Incapability'

3. S2: Fav episodes: 'Beer' and 'Head'

4. S1: Fav episodes: 'The Foretelling' and 'The Queen of Spain's Beard'

I think that each series gets better as it goes along. This and 'Fawlty Towers' are the best TV shows ever!!!smiley - biggrin

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