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Blackadder 5??

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Hello fellow anoraks, I wonder if you could help me out. I'm sure that some time last year I read or heard that there was to be a new series of Blackadder set in the Sixties.
Did I just imagine this as wishful thinking, and I'm being thicker than a whale omelette, or has anybody else heard about this.
Any info will be gratefully recieved.

Thanks in advance

Mattsmiley - ok

Blackadder 5??

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RFJS__ - trying to write an unreadable book, finding proofreading tricky

This isn't a terribly good place to ge responses (and writing a Guide Entry to ask a question isn't usually effective either); try <./>Askh2g2</.>.

Blackadder 5??

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i'd actually heard aswell that there was going to be a Blackadder 5 lyk
i duno if it was just a rumour or not like lol i heard this in year 11 tho lol
x x x

Blackadder 5??

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i heard that it would be futeristic but not for a few years cause the taste of the audeince they would be targeting has changed, in about 10 years i heard

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Blackadder 5??

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