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Caesarean Risks.

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Bernadette Lynn_ Home Educator

This article doesn't seem to mention any of the risks associated with caesarean sections.

These include haemorrhage, an increased risk of maternal death, an increased risk of breathing problems in the baby, DVT, an increased risk of hysterectomy, an increased risk of complications in subsequent pregnancies, higher rates of post natal infections and bowel and bladder problems.

It is major surgery and mothers will take six weeks to two years to recover from it - but during that time will have to care for a small baby, usually unassisted for most of the time. Partly due to the fact that the abdominal nerves are severed, some lucky women will suffer little pain afterwards, but it is important to remember that you have undergone major abdominal surgery and not to overdo things.

Women who have had a section are also significantly more likely to suffer from PTSD, which is the most common reason for suicide in post natal women. It is important that families and friends of women who have had a section should be sensitive towards the feelings of the mother, who is likely to have been upset or traumatised by an emergency c/s, or even sometimes an elective c/s. NEVER tell them that they should forget it because the baby is healthy.

There are online support groups available to people who have suffered from a c/s or who want to avoid having another.

A good source of information for people who have questions is http://www.radmid.demon.co.uk/csgood.htm

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