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verbal tics

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I had the misfortune once (but thankfully only once) to see some US talk show with some (I suppose) small-time actor from a soap that I had never heard of before, but who was greeted with utmost enthusiasm by the audience.

His answer to EVERY SINGLE question was "like kinda weird" with huge amounts of padding. For example:

Q: What kind of childhood did you have?

A: Well, you know, it was, aah, sorta like, aah, well, like hey, aah, I guess, ya know, aah, like I s'pose aah sorta, whadda ya know aah like kinda weird.

And this a supposedly eloquent, intelligent actor - I was amazed - and he certainly didn't seem to be taking the urine.

verbal tics

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Pedantic Programmer

The quotes of terribly annoying verbal ticks were brilliant - they're really common and really annoy me. I have the habit of starting off a subject with 'you know [subject]'. How repetitive.

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