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annoying habits

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the one thing i really hate about myself?
My habit of saying"right" on the end of nearly every sentance i speak!
help me ,Right

annoying habits

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That's not as bad as the doctor I saw the last couple of times - he keeps saying 'All righty then' like Ace Ventura or something!

smiley - panda

annoying habits

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I eat the insides of my cheeks. It's good for protien, but people look at you funny when your mouth is all screwed up... can't stop though.
smiley - erm

annoying habits

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yuk!!! my sis used to pick her nose till it bled, and she'd pick ur scabs for u.......

my habit's plucking my eyebrows - i luv it, but am now bare - thank god 4 kohl!!!!!

annoying habits

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I talk too much, and it's affecting my job...how can I stop?

annoying habits

Post 6


My sister in law always repeats the last couple of words I've said during a conversation - it drives me mad!

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