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Nail biting comments

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1 - You don't necessarily need long fingernails for playing guitar- this only applies if you want to include a particular style in your repetoir, which is classically based. Those with heavy rock based influences aren't going to get much out of this method, whereas someone with a quieter more classical taste may find this ideal.

2 - Also related to the 'learning to play guitar' method:
Keeping your nails long is only helpful for your picking hand. What isn't mentioned is that your frettoing hand needs very short nails, so maybe this would give people incentive to cut them properly, rather than chew them?

3 - A method which isn't mentioned; Only to be used in desperation:
In the first term of this year, I jumped on my bed the wrong way round and smashed my front tooth in half on the metal bar at the foot of the bed. Since having my bionic tooth fitted, I don't dare chew my nails, for fear my weakened (indeed, dead) tooth should come out completely.

TKsmiley - pirate

Nail biting comments

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I have been biting my nails down to my wrists since I was 5. I have tried everything to stop (except replacing all my teeth with bionic ones - although i may give it a go). My dad used to pay us 20p per finger nail pocket money - needless to say i was always skint. My mum tried putting my fingers in vinegar and mustarrd, she got specially made poisons made from the local chemist. She even went to the extreme of cellotaping gloves to my hand when i was asleep but i always managed to rip them off.

I am now 23 years old and i still chew my nails - i have no idea why and i am aware that i am doing it but just can't seem to stop. I chew them until they hurt - when i put my hands into hot water my fingers throb - i'm an addict.

Any ex-finger nail biters out there who would like to share their secrets please help.

Nail biting comments

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Heack i'm 28 till chewing my nails to the quick, ingrown nails have not stoped me, i'v been know to chew then till i bleed (is that bad ?). some times i know I chew them and i think I should stop. but when i do i find them in my mouth again 5 min later. driving me nuts.

thinking of just choping my fingers off slove that problem.

now to stop chewing my toenails.

Nail biting comments

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Researcher 209578

I'm 33 and I still havn't figured it out. But, I like the Charity idea. Call the Radio Station You listen to during the morning show and they should get the ball rolling. It not only gives them a topic for the day, but, Maybe the local childrens cancer center(or another charity) will appreciate the gesture.
When I quit smoking everything was suppose to be measured in 3's (3 minutes, hours, day, & weeks). If you get to 3 weeks, You have it beat!

Let me know if this works. Maybe I'll try it.

Nail biting comments

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Hello fellow nail biters. I'm 24 and cannot recall ever having NOT bitten my fingernails...(and rather unfortunately, the skin around them.) What is it about it anyway? smiley - weird - none of us think its nice, we know it looks disgusting and I'm sure we've all been recommended the various useless anti-nail biting products, had friends and family question endlessly 'why do you do that?', and all the other annoying reminders that go with the territory.

The worst thing about it is being unaware you're doing it. (Pausing to think what to type I find myself looking for the next bit to nibble on....ugh!smiley - yuk)Maybe someone needs to invent some sort of conditioning device seing as we all seem to have been doing it since the dummies were absent from our mouths? I'm sure a small electric shock every time I do it would soon let me know just how much of a bad habit it is!smiley - yikes

And whats all this about getting people to sponsor you.....I wish! They tell me that the pleasure of seeing my lovely clean freshly painted nails should be payment enough! The one time that I managed to grow them enough to actually see any white at the end of them, I remember finding great newfound satisfaction in scratching, but when it came to playing stringed instruments, untying things, or anything else that required my hands...I was lost! I know these things are supposed to be easier with nails, but you 'nail-biters' must know how accomplished you get at, say, untying difficult knots with your teeth?

Anyway - I don't have any better suggestions than the others - the only thing I haven't yet tried are the fake nails. A manicure almost worked once....but it was worth it just to see the frustration in the poor girl's face as she sat down to begin her impossible task! To be fair I gave up trying to give up a long time ago, but if anyone wants to start some sort of 'group' I'd be happy to have someone nag me via email - its not quite the same as face to face, or check up on each other's progress like a sort of Nail Biters Anonymous group. Any takers?smiley - biggrin

Bye for now!smiley - cuddlesmiley - strawberry

PS: Has anyone tried hypnotherapy? Maybe I'll check it out and be guinea-pig if not? smiley - online2long

Nail biting comments

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I wrote a short entry on this called "Managing Your Habits"

Try it out, it has worked for everyone who has followed the regime.

If you do give it a go, please let me know how you get on.

Nail biting comments

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Very sad to hear such message from you. I too was nail biter. But i stopped such habit recently a few months back by taking a hypnosis treatment from http://www.thoughtsbecomereality.co.uk. They guided me in a better way. They gave good advise and the best exercise and some useful tips on stopping such habit. It was more helpful for me.

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