A Conversation for Stories from World War Two

If you can keep your head ....

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Al Symer

I wrote a long contribution to this collaboration, but then missed the deadline ! However, from that piece, here is one simple incident that gives a twist to the horrors of the blitz.
Hull was, until the advent of the doodlebugs, the most heavily bombed city in Britain in proportion to its population. The city centre was devastated, much of it completely destroyed. One Saturday, my mother took me, aged about nine or ten, with her on a shopping trip to some of the few shops still left standing and trading in the city centre. As we passed through the piles of rubble that was all that was left of one of the main shopping streets, we passed one huge heap of bricks, concrete, steel and glass which had been a department store the day before. We both recoiled in horror as we noticed the headless body of a man lying on the pavement. It probably took us a long couple of seconds before we realised that the Luftwaffe had cruelly decapitated a tailor's dummy blown out from the shop window display.

If you can keep your head ....

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Hathornefer (ACE) Near miss - isnt that what you'd call a hit

smiley - laugh Very funny Al

While I am here. If you still have your contribution I am sure that others would like to read it. Please consider posting it anyway. As a sort of footnote to the main entry.

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