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Recollections of an Able Seaman

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New website http://enosstory.hostwebs.com/
A record of the WWII experiences in the Royal Navy of Enos 'Eddie' Fellows.
The timescale is from August 1939 to almost the end of the war. It includes various types of training on land, inboth England and Scotland, as well as on the seas around Britain and the Atlantic Ocean. It covers seaman service throughout the Mediterranean and North Atlantic. Seaman training and duties were on board several warships and submarines, and include being sunk in battle, commandeering a German vessel and protecting merchant ships carrying supplies from USA to the Russian people on 'Murmank runs.'
His commando trainingt was carried out in Scotland and England and commando service included 'Combined Operations' during the Sicily beachhead landings and invasion of N.Africa.

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Recollections of an Able Seaman

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