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smiley - ok Useful entry for people wanting to personalize their spaces and Entries.

The section on colours and fonts could be usefully linked to A315901 Web Safe Colours, though I prefer the A286274 Web-Safe Colours: How They Work - the non-Edited Guide Entry that it was based on (because it gives examples of the colours it talks about).

This would give further info for people wanting more depth. There are probably other Entries that could also be valuably linked, but I am only aware of the colour one.

Pimms smiley - stiffdrink

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Strictly speaking, this is of little or no use to people wanting to personalize their spaces and Entries. Entries are done in GuideML, which is different to HTML in a number of ways.

Sorry, I'm just being pedantic...

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I'd have to agree. Plus the list is by no means comprehensive; there are hundreds more tags, and so far you have not mentioned how to actually go about writing a webpage, i.e. what sofware might be useful, for instance Notepad.

Sorry to be negative, but it's not entirely clear what you're trying to achieve here and what the final scope was intended to be. Anybody wanting to learn HTML would be better off visiting http://www.webmonkey.com/ tutorials, or those offered by http://www.w3schools.com/

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It was supposed to be a simple guide to basic HTML, as there wasn't one here already

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