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air guitar now available

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you might find it interesting that some clever people have come up with something intermediate between an accoustic guitar and an electric guitar, so it has the sound of an accoustic, but only 1 tenth the volume. it achieves this by getting rid of the sound box, and replacing it with electric guitar pickups.

this allows you to make all of those embasasing mistakes with only yourself to hear them.

when you then want to perform, this nice little device plugs into an amp, just like an electric guitar, but has the sound of an accoustic at normal volume.

the real advantage is that it has been tweaked until it does sound like an accoustic guitar.

air guitar now available

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Alsieboo, Robert Rankin fan member, A2120617

Ooohh!! I need one, my family have been complaining about the racket I've been making whilst AGing, and that would make the perfect addition to my AG collection!

Air Guitar

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U guys realise that there is actually a book called Air Guitar. its ritten by a trully awesome bloke - try reading it

Air Guitar

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In case of fire!

Air Drums are easier to tune then air guitars

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