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Lamb biltong ??

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Wrinkled Rocker

With respect, I thing someone has been smoking kakhibos or my eldest sons socks!

Biltong is not made from lamb. Kudu, springbuck, gemsbok, wildebeest(gnu), implala, eland, buffalo and most types of game except waterbuck - yes! Ostrich, even chicken biltong I've seen and eaten, but never lamb.

Lamb is used for "braais" (barbeques) and for "pooitjies" (pronounced "poy-keys") - a venerated delicacy usually cooked in a large three-legged cast-iron by South African males on gentle coals in the bushveld. The process requires hours of patient attention to preparation of ingredients, (NO STIRRING!!) and copious quantities of either red wine or lager (or both).

It is an experience to be savoured, repeated whenever one is in the bush and recalled at length whenever one is not!

Lamb biltong ??

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Profet Qaz Qwerty

I'm a South-African too.

I have eaten Lamb Biltong - but the meat is normally too fatty for biltong. I would suggest that about 75% of the Biltong sold is Beef with the rest consisting of all kinds of game as you specified.

The author neglected to mention "droƫ wors" (dried sausage) as a variation on biltong that is also consumed in very large quantities by the Rainbow people.

I personally prefer my biltong soft, my wife likes the very dry kind.
I know some people even eat their putu with biltong.

lamb and puthu

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Wrinkled Rocker

I've never had lamb biltong myself, but lots of "ribbetjies" and chops!
Good to have more Rainbow subscribers to talk to!
I had a friend who owned a restaurant - whenever he found Beef fillet too pricey or in short supply, he would buy kudu fillet instead!
Eland tastes good too - ever been to the Carnivore just off the R28 near Krugersdorp?

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