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Lager Mix Up

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Ancient Brit

Way back when, cocktails were for the Lounge bar and Lager was not on the Bar List.
'Black and Tan'(stout and beer in equal proportions) was a drink for the Public bar along with 'Mixed'(mild and bitter beers in equal proportions).
As an alternative to the stout and beer(mild or bitter) in these drinks, lemonade would be used. These drinks were known as 'Shandies'.

Today the whole situation is confused because Lager came on the scene.
Just as the poor man substituted cider for champaigne in 'Black Velvet'(stout and champaigne). Modern man has substituted lager for ale in the traditional drinks. smiley - huh
Believe me they are not the same and should be renamed: A stout and lager should be known as a 'Tragedy', a beer and lager combination should be known as a 'Travesty'.

Ancient Brit - Who drinks 'The Usual' at his local. smiley - ok

Lager Mix Up

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Beer Elf

Oddly, Lager and Bitter together used to be known as a "Mickey Mouse" here in the East Midlands of the UK, albeit slightly before the omnipresence of Lager. You hardly ever hear it asked for now, I think this is probably due to increasing Hand Pulled beers, that don't mix as well as the Gawd Awful keg bitter we used to sell..

Lager Mix Up

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the autist formerly known as flinch

Wow, you've got an INCREASE in hand-pulled?

Fear the tide of the cream-flow tsunami.

Lager Mix Up

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Beer Elf

yup, seems more and more, especially in the city centre. People seem to be approaching it the same way as they do wine now!

Lager Mix Up

Post 5

airscotia-back by popular demand

When i worked in a pub there were a couple of regulars who used to come in and order an 'Arfur'.
Arfur lager and arfur light ale mixed. Cheap as chips and tasted like smiley - bleep Which is why i changed it's name to 'Tom', from the cockney ryhming slang 'Tom tit' smiley - evilgrin

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