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RQG & Tony

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the_jon_m - bluesman of the parish

"This party will, ultimately, be judged on its ability to deliver on its promise"

"Education education education"

From the guy who promised I won't have to pay upfront for my universty, who promised no top up fees, who.....

RQG & Tony

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Oberon2001 (Scout)

smiley - laugh
Just before the signing of the Good Friday Agreement =
"This is not a time for soundbites... But I feel the hand of history on my shoulder"
"Income Tax will not be increased after the next General Election"... Yes, Tony, that's true, but what about National Insurance?... -silence-
From the man who bought us Keith Vaz, Stephen Byers and Peter Mandelson! (though I still think Estelle Morris should be in Cabinet)
"Just call me Tony" -> Is it just me, or does he sound like a used car salesman when he says that?

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