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Oberon2001 (Scout)

Just thought I'd say that to see the original entry to this, go to A836048
Trust me, it's a lot better. A lot of the humour has been taken out for the EG.

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Why do they do that? I thought the whole point of H2G2 was that the entries were written by individuals, in their own style? smiley - huh

Maybe you're just not supposed to be funny about the PM on a BBC site...

Incidentally, you missed out a crucial part of Tony's career - he's 'starring' in a new TV ad showing in the US & Europe for British tourism... 'cos that'll have people flocking to our shores!

To see the original entry....

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Oberon2001 (Scout)

smiley - laugh I heard about that... How bizarre!

It's a real shame that some of the humour from the original entry's gone, as it wasn't criticising him really, just talking about him in a light hearted way. Oh well.


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